︎ 2018;
︎ Lookbook for Wild Things label and the Strangebug project; transforming values into a photosession concept. A story about wildernes, individuality and play.

︎ independent project,
photographer 1 - Paweł Wyląg,
photographer 2 - Szymon Sokołowski

Since i’ve started sewing and selling Strangebug bags, i need a quality presentation both for the item and the label  (Wild Things). I’ve arranged and directed the first “proper” photosession; developing the concept, finding the people and location, managing and coordinating.

Respect for individualism and diversity, which were also the project (and the label) main value, became the core of the concept. The session was divided into two parts: day and night, or “professional” and “crazy”. In the first part people wearing Strangebug and Wild Things stickers were shown naturally, dressed in their own fashion. Second part was about wilderness and expressing the joy.

During the first part of the session we’ve used brown paper as a background and for writing on it, and during the second part - they were rolled and then crumbled into a mess for a big, crazy-fun battle on the playground.