︎ 2015-2018
︎ Strangebug is bag / backpack which can be attached to the body in many ways, to allow freedom of movement during different activities.

︎  independent project, self-produced

Strangebug’s main feature is the strap which runs around the whole bag, and is held only on its edges. The strap can be withdrawn from any side or sides of the hexagon.

This is the reason for hexagonal shape - it allows ergonomical ways of wearing it, and also - prevents the shape distortion. Integrity between form, function and sewing process is preserved in every detail of this project.

The size of the bag is adjustible. Trianglar flaps can be always tightened accordingly, to prevent the things inside from moving around. There are also another features, like the back pocket, or hooks and loops.

Active people, who meet many different circumstances during their day, are the target audience for this project.