︎ 2018;
︎ Art directory, production and organisation of „The Desert” photosession: (creative presentation of Materia project)

︎ cooperation: Diana Sawulska, photographer: Szymon Sokołowski

The art-directory project aiming at making a decent, creative and imaginative introduction for Materia project, for further release. Supposedly a video, ended up as a photosession, due to very harsh weather conditions.

Obstacles as such became a perspective-changing factor: the whole action transformed into a real organisation challenge - a low-budget, solidaritry based artistic effort. The whole crew of 12 people had to work together really efficiently to overcome the difficulties, taking part in something that changed into an amazing performance.

The concept co-creator Diana and I were responsible for the vision and artistic expression: showing the connection of Materia project to the primitive nature of fabric, the origin (myth, ritual).