︎ 2019
︎ Ivy stays green in the winter. This means - inspiration also survives.

︎Photo: Szymon Sokołowski

With couple of friends, also beginners, we decided to perform some exercises without any ojective. We were curious about inventing and organizing a photosession.

A staircase with a peculiar mood was one of the inspirations; the emotional state of feeling lost - another, and the mood of “beginners”, trying to make a “proffesional” photo session - yet another one. And the contrast between last two of them was what we wanted to show. 

Somehow, in the meantime - the motive of Ivy took over the session. All the conceptual work gave way to the simple fact: we just needed the feeling of creating something together, after this long and difficult winter.

And Ivy stays green even in the winter.