︎ 2018;
︎ Varia is a home workstation which enables taking various alternative positions, while still working at the desk.

︎tutor: Czesława Frejlich
︎Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków

There is no perfect sitting position. It’s all about changes; and also, natural sitting positions are really varied. Sitting habits in other (non-western) cultures were a huge inspiration for this project; but observing the people arond was no less important.

The project aims at:

1) improving ergonomic conditions for alternative sitting positions;
2) including positions with an open angle between thighs and trunk, which naturally straightens the back;
3) enabling an easy change between positions.

The set, designed for use on a carpet, consists of a two--piece seat and a table. The seat can be switched, or the elements separated to allow many different sitting positions. The  small table can easily be moved around, and its board can be tilted.