︎ 2019
︎ Design of Wild Things logo, and the overall spirit of the label. Combining playfulness with the simplicity of design.

︎ independent project

The idea of designing Wild Things label and its identity came along starting the sales of Strangebug. It was thetime when I needed to reflect on my identity as a maker as well, and play with expression.

Otherwordly - an attemp to find a language (and not only for visual communication). Kind of restlessness that goeswith my projects was being expressed, and the values they bring - reviewed.

As for practical side - I’ve started sales on Etsy, I went to a design fair, I’ve created and cared for instagram and facebook accounts, printed lots of stickers and cards. It was the very first step into the world of business and marketing, but that’s a different story. This one is about translating my design approach into something that inspires emotions.