trying to be so serious desn’t work for me.

Zuz Wilkirska, a human being, born 1993, currently living in Tricity, Poland.
Graduated (bachelor in Product Design) 2018 in Kraków.

still making things, but now more into making people create amazing stuff together.
That’s the direction I intend to follow in my future professional life [because I like things, but I like people more].

product (or: industrial)  design ︎ studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
[see: Varia, student projects]

developing my ︎ own projects
[see: Wild Things, Strangebug and Materia]

Junior ︎ UX designer at KISS Digital (software house) in Kraków

︎ also, 2012-2014 biology and geography studies at Jagiellonian University in Kraków
︎ also, in the meantime: working as a bartender
︎ also, on holidays: hiking, hitchhiking

riding bike in the city
walking in the forest
sleeping at night